Combo Pack: 4 Farm Fresh Poi (4 lbs Thick Poi) & 4 Kūlolo bricks (4 lbs Kūlolo)

Combo Pack: 4 Farm Fresh Poi (4 lbs Thick Poi) & 4 Kūlolo bricks (4 lbs Kūlolo)

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$9/lb Farm Fresh Poi [Thick Poi makes ~1.5+lbs of poi] Low price to help everyone get through these circumstances.

Harvested, cooked, cooled down & shipped fresh.

Kūlolo is a traditional Hawaiian dessert made from Taro and Coconut.

Due to various shipping times, Farm Fresh Poi (thick, very little water poi) may arrive slightly fermented (naturally occurring probiotics) or locally known as “day old poi”. 

Farm Fresh Poi can be eaten fresh or add 1 cup of water, slowly heat, & stir. More water can be added til your desired consistency is reached. Makes ~1.5+ lbs of poi.

Our family has been farming for many generations in beautiful Hanalei Valley on the Hawaiian Island of Kaua'i. Located on a US Fish & Wildlife Refuge, it is also home to the last remaining Hawai'i Rice Mill, Ho`opulapula Haraguchi Rice Mill, an agarian museum 501c(3) nonprofit.

Online orders will be shipped out every Wednesday. Please place your order by the prior Sunday before 9:00PM (PST) to ensure freshness and harvest of each shipment.

PLEASE READ: To your door, shipping on Kaua`i, across Hawaiʻi & the United States of America. Minimum of 1 lb per order at $9 per lb. 8lbs max, per order, fits per box. If you are interested in bulk order, please contact